First Blog Ever

Hi guys, my name is Josh Smith and I hail from the Podunk town of Geneva, OH. I’m majoring in human factors and am excited to graduate this semester. While I have made a majority of social media accounts like the big three Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I don’t use those social medias all that often. However, I do use YouTube daily. Other than chatting, I also use apps like WhatsApp to share gifs and memes with friends. Meme battles would then be my most recent experience on social media. Below is the perfect, one pound marriage of peanut butter and chocolate.



One thought on “First Blog Ever

  1. Josh, as I said in a previous comment, HF is one of my favorite majors. You can give us extra insight on how people interact with in the social media environment … or perhaps design the perfect chair for viewing Facebook? I am also a fan of Reese’s and had been known to steal it from my kids’ Halloween buckets when they were little.

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