“Are there any items you’d like to declare?”

Hey, guys! My name is Clare Maloney and I am currently a senior pursuing my Bachelor’s of Science in Communication. I am from East Atlanta and I don’t normally have an accent (unless I’m angry or I’ve had a few tough day, you’ll never notice my “twang” or “draw”). I am a self proclaimed trivia addict and beer enthusiast and I love making people laugh or smile. It is my joy in life.

I like living a fast-paced life and having a schedule. When I find myself without anything to do, I realize that I am more than likely wrong and I could totally have something to do. So, whether it be spending hours “studying” social media like Facebook or Instagram, or I read a book I’ve been dying to get my hands on, I will find something to do.

Like, when I don’t feel like paying attention to conversations, or when I don’t feel like listening in AS 120 – Sorry, Doc. And, although I know that is not a good habit, I sometimes can’t help but find my self indulging into this disgusting world where girls constantly are editing their photos to have smaller waists or judging celebrities’ engagement rings. On the other hand, any day that D.B. Cooper comes across my Facebook feed, I cannot help but get PUMPED.

I cannot pinpoint a single “experience” that I’ve had on social media recently, but I am beginning to be involved in some really great projects. For those of you who know me, I have finally decided to hang up my hat in EcoCAR and move on to other projects. This semester, I will beginning a social media effort for the Department of Humanities and Communications and I will be joining a task force of bloggers for a Dueling Piano’s company, Felix and Fingers. I’m really excited about these new endeavors and I’m looking forward to seeing where they may carry me.


Snapchat constantly turns me into Klare Kardashian.