My First Blog Experience

Hi my name is Nick Reuss and I am a senior in the Human factors discipline. I’m from Cincinnati Ohio and have lived there my whole life. I love watching sports (football and hockey in particular). Other than that I enjoy video games,beer and whiskey and when not impaired by alcohol I’m also a Gun enthusiast.

In regards to my social media usage, I use it daily for a variety of things but usually instead of keeping up of with friends I use it as a medium in which to look into interesting topics. (In order from most to least used) I use Reddit, Facebook, You tube, WhatsApp, and iFunny daily other forms of social media like linkedin and snapchat, instagram and twitter i use sparsely throughout the week.. The interactions i have on these sites generally leads to a discussion with friends regarding the content A recent example of  how i used social media was last night when i facetimed my entire family while they were at a remebrence for my late cousin drew. This is likely the best thing in my mind about social media it allows you to come together with people who are  hundreds of miles away. lastly below is a picture of my siblings and myself.

(from left to right) Thomas, 23. Myself 21, Holly and Eric both 18 (twins)