The Virtual Investigator

My name is Carly and I am from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am an air safety investigator and will be graduating this semester (woohoo!). After graduation, I hope to work for an airline in their flight safety department and help investigate and prevent aircraft accidents!

I use social media all the time in my personal life (I always have my phone and my phone charger) and have decided to include social media in my professional life. Social Media has become such a huge part of the lives of millions around the wold and the spread of information has become instantaneous that every field, not just mine, is having to adjust the way they use social media. I am excited to be part of that movement!

The picture below is myself shortly after I presented my ideas concerning social media in the field of accident investigation to the International Society of Air Safety Investigators in Reykjavik, Iceland this past October. This semester, I am looking forward to following up that experience with a research project that will explore how social media can be used in field investigations.