An Amicable Intro

Salutations respective colleagues and Dr Koller,

My name is Ansonio J Mitchell Jr and I am currently pursuing a degree in the Science of Communications while minoring in International Relations, which I desire to use in the ascertainment of a modest teaching profession in the public sector–one that is centred by social sciences and literature.

I am an avid reader of historical and Dystopian fictions in addition to fantastic epics that delve into the humanities (e.g the Fellowship of the Ring, A Song of Fire and Ice, Treasure Island, Emma, Pride and the Prejudice, the Catcher and the Rye et cetera), and I am the author of the novel and Amazon e-book series Tides of Monochrome. Moreover, I commingle my admiration for literature and homiletic arts with my personal involvement with social media; wherefore, I utilise Facebook as an vital marketing tool and a platform to either commend or tactfully criticise other works that I have read or watched. (Forgive my excessive use of the passive voice) I, also, enjoy cinemas and television shows that edify their viewers whether it be science fiction (e.g Black Mirror and the Star Wars canon) , alternate history (e.g the Man in the High Castle), and the dramatised biographies of notable matriarchs and novel intellects (e.g the Crown and the Imitation Game).

Markedly, I am a moderate environmentalist who fancies romanticist imagery, but I also have a modernist and pragmatic perspective on all aspects relating to the conservation of Earth’s covetable biome. Yet, personal finances is my hidden pleasure, for I am keenly determined to retire a decade before the 62 average thus to freely behold all of planet’s global wonders (and maybe even visit the moon–just a thought).

Additionally, I use my Instagram and Facebook accounts more liberally than other social media outlets, and I duly hope to learn from the class how to effectively market myself as a professional individual through social media.


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  1. I have never heard anyone describe himself as ” a moderate environmentalist who fancies romanticist imagery.” I’m pondering that one!

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