A Look into my Life


Right! Lets get into this.

Hello Everyone my name is Oladeji Olawepo (dang it still feels weird putting my name out like this) but all of you can call me “Deji”. I’m studying communications here at Embry-Riddle with a focus in Journalism (I also minor in Cyber Security, because it seemed cool). I hope that with my degree I could truly focus on my passion as an article writer, and writing for a news company that will allow me to correspond or focus on gaming and “Nerd” culture, rely on a gaming news group like IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku, Polygon, or Destructoid to do the previously stated, or make a break and work in, what I feel would be my best, YouTube as a private gaming and nerd culture journalist. I think my inspirations so far when it comes to my aspirations would be DashieXP and Gaming Illuminaughty; they are such unique individuals and bring a different attitude to the world of gaming. When I succeed in that field for a bit I hope to retire and become either a teacher or professor to teach the next generation after me about how journalism is truly done. I think I’ve told you pretty much everything there is to know about me so far. If you really want to know me give me a holler or talk to me face to face. Until then, thank you for your time and I hope you have an excellent day.

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It should be noted that the following Blog is a repost of a post I did on my personal blog-site (New Kid on the Press) called “A Further Look at the New Kid“. If you are interested I have my 1st blog discussion on there already. Along with that, I have other things that I wrote on the site for everyone to check out. To keep up with updates follow the site. Thank, you for your time and I hoped you enjoyed the intro