So if I had to pick between technological determinism and social determinism in the question of which one social media technology is a result of which one would I pick?

Well… before we even answer that question how about we answer what the hell technological and social determinism are in the first place. As stated by Oxford Reference technological determinism is …

“The stance that new technologies are the primary cause of major social and historical changes at the macrosocial level of social structure and processes and/or subtle but profound social and psychological influences at the microsocial level of the regular use of particular kinds of tools.”

To clarify “Tech” Determinism states that technology is the stepping stone or catalyst to major social changes and historical changes

On the opposing side we have social determinism that states via Oxford Reference…

”A stance which asserts the primacy of social (and political) factors rather than the autonomous influence of the medium (whether this is language or a technology)…Those who emphasize social determination focus on such issues as the circumstances of production, modes of use, values, purposes, skill, style, choice, control, and access rather than on the structure of the text or code or the technical features of the medium.”

This means that our ideals, beliefs, etc. are the ones are the means by which we interact with everyone.

For this argument I’m going to side with technological determinism being the pushing force, the resultant of social media technology.

With the palm of our hands we have the ability to see what potential presidents feel about our country without having to go to CNN or C-SPAN, Hundreds of people that we know think similar to are at the palm of my  hand, I can learn about my favorite celebrities with one swipe.

I think the best example of tech determinism being the social media resultant is the fact that I get most if not all my news from social media. I would like to add before I anything else is that when it comes to social media and the news I check my sources before I attest to any article.

Snapchat is one way I check my news…

As you may see here, Snapchat has a large selection to receive information about practically everything from American History, Sports, and Entertainment news.

Snapchat is also the way I keep in contact and get a glimpse into the world of all the people I call friends

Snapchat has made it such that, I can open a window into the world of others (for 24-hours of course, then we do it all over again)

Facebook and Twitter also perform this task of cataloging and retaining memories, thoughts, highlights, and mementos in someone’s newsfeed

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As you can see Facebook and Twitter, give me the opportunity to know how certain celebrities and personalities are doing and how they feel. I can get news about my favorite films coming soon, hear the thoughts of my friends

Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are examples of how technology affects the way we perceive things. Technological Determinism ensures that we find a way to continuously catalog our lives.


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