Blog #1 Why do we use Social Media in the way we do?

I do believe that most of my social media actions are a result of a combination of both technological and social determinism. Our generation was not born with social media accounts and technology, therefore anything we do online and on our social media is because we learned it from someone else. Facebook and Snapchat that have special features such as being able to check in with your current location or altering your face are because of advanced technology. We started using social media because someone else was using it first, and it was available for us. When you see someone doing something new and cool, obviously you want to try it too.

Honestly I do find it difficult to tie my status updates and other postings to historical context. Most of my activity on Facebook is just sharing other people’s post, videos, links etc. and my Instagram account is a fitness account, mostly containing fitness related selfies and pictures. I think my Snapchat activity could be tied to historical context. Most of my Snapchat posting are about something interesting happening in my current environment, or when hanging out with my friends. Therefore, I believe that people have always had that urge to share something interesting, so a visitor from the past would maybe share an interesting event.

Below is a picture and a screenshot of a video clip I shared on my Snapchat story the other day. We had a big Greek (Sorority & Fraternity) event on campus on Friday so I shared a video clip of people dancing. I also shared a picture with my little sister from my sorority (not a real sister) with a caption “Look it’s my Little!!!” She was not around last semester so I did not see her very often. It is very exciting for me that she is back, and I am always very glad to see her.