#1 Social media influence

After scanning my social media accounts, I find that my use of social media is mostly due to social determinism. I use social media because of friends in order to keep in touch and some accounts were made due to necessity by classes I am taking. My use of social media tends to play the role of lurker where I do not post a lot if at all but more or less browse it at my leisure.

The way that social media is used in a person’s everyday life from checking the news to looking at friends’ posts is all due their need to. People feel the need to post on social media and respond to other posts because that has now become socially acceptable. If a person does not have a social media account of any kind, they are looked at as weird or out of place. Some people who post on social media whether it is food or something controversial and all the in between do it to initiate a response from others. Some groups of people like having compliments about them and some like debates and social media allows them to interact with a huge audience. Whole groups and individuals can now spread their opinion, brag about themselves, or spread a message beyond their friends that they see every day.

Social media has now become an integral part of our society. Social media also got this far not only because of technology, but also because people helped support it. Without people interacting on social media, it becomes an empty website or app and loses importance. With Latour’s example of him and a seatbelt if he is not in the car, interacting with it does it then affect him? If Latour decide to ride on a bus or in someone else’s car then does he still need a seatbelt? Buses do not have seatbelts most of the time. Also, if he was the passenger in another car then not wearing a seatbelt he may not seem so out of place. He may still feel the need to wear a seatbelt due to saving his own life or sparing the driver a ticket but then he is still in control.

Technology is a tool that we use to help in daily tasks. Social media is a tool to help us interact as a society. Technology may suggest that we act a certain way or do certain tasks, but we can still say no or walk away entirely. We are not being forced to use social media either; it just may seem like it due to it now being the social norm.

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