Blog 1, Society’s path in technical determinism

After reflecting on social media posts this weekend specifically examining evidence of technological and social determinism in regards to recent social media posts. After examining Facebook, Reddit, and snap chat to determine what motivates people’s use of technology; I found that it is a combination of both social and technological determinism.  My personal use of social media is affected by technological determinism, as I don’t really care about major societal norms and don’t allow them to affect my interests. While none of the examples I saw were as personal or close as the example on the assignment sheet they all seemed to have an underlying theme, of people using technology to impress or connect with others who have similar interests. So from what I saw technology seemed to be the medium from which social constructs were built. The perfect example of this idea is the selfie, and the selfie is what brought forth snapchat, Instagram, and several other picture based social media sites. But how people used these sites is driven by how they see people acting out in the world. And people out in the world again drove technology forward with devices like the selfie stick. So it seems that there is a give and pull about what drives what in regards to social media.

There are a variety of ways that I observed social media being used. Many of these were people posting about their interests. This is not unlike how people in the past would find places or topics of interest at a bar, pub or other social location.  The technology is just a new and much more accessible medium in which people can connect and expand upon their interests. To expand upon this theory, technology drives the way people are able to communicate, while society drives what we communicate about. The metaphor I would use to accurately describe this is two sides of the same coin. So as society continues to evolve, the topics and ideas

So to conclude society determines how social media is used but technology determines how social media evolves. So while technology may bring us twitter, snapchat, vine and many others its society that decides vine isn’t as good as the others and allows it to die off. So while we surf through the many social media site we have to remember that while yes social media be ever-changing it is us as a society who choose how to use it, and how it will change with us