Angry Joe: The Reviewer We Deserve

Joe Vargas, or better known as “Angry Joe,” is a gamer that has reviewed video games since 2008, recently reviewing movies as well. His YouTube channel, AngryJoeShow, is where he uploads his videos. Joe’s audience includes gamers of all ages, male and female, although the majority is more than likely male. Being that he has started to review movies; Joe has begun to pick up that demographic of viewers. Angry Joe has 2.7 million subscribers and has amassed over 620 million views. Millions of people have seen his content, including developers of video games. Joe’s influence in the video game world as a reviewer is significant enough to where many developers look to satisfy him in his reviews.

Joe’s Angry Reviews are where he reviews highly anticipated games, AAA or Indie, and explains the game’s strengths and flaws while doing hilarious sketches throughout the review with his friend Joe Lopez, or better known as “Other Joe.” Angry Joe is a reviewer for the people, meaning that if the game is not up to par, he will tell you, hence the angry. He will tell you not to buy the game nor support it, if it is that bad. The two ways of getting that point across Joe uses are his parody character, Corporate Commander, who exposes distasteful practices by video game companies, and Joe bluntly saying, “You done fucked it up!” Joe primarily saves this saying for major flaws.

The reason that Angry Joe’s content is successful and why it spreads are the essentially the same. It is because his reviews are objective, have zero bias, and that Joe is not afraid to call out big business. They are good reviews that sensibly inform the viewer, and people want to share that. As a gamer myself, I can say that is how I think reviews should be done. And apparently, millions of other people agree with me.

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