C.G.P Grey and YouTube

CGP GreyPicture from: https://www.youtube.com/user/CGPGrey

C.G.P Grey is a YouTube person that posts educational videos that cover everything from government to technology. Here is a link to access his YouTube page https://www.youtube.com/user/CGPGrey/featured. His primary platform is YouTube, and he also has a Twitter account as well. C.G.P Grey has, as of January 2017, about two point seven million subscribers. The demographic of his audience is anyone from little kids to adults who want to watch educational videos.

C.G.P Grey’s videos are popular possibly because he takes complicated subjects and breaks them down to be easily understood. His videos also are short and to the point, as well as the videos have nice simple animations to along with it. He also adds a comedic touch to all his videos so they are not boring but entertaining. C.G.P Grey has success by also allowing for in some cases his users to offer up suggestions for his next videos. He also looks at topics that are controversial today and tries to clarify why it started and what are the facts.

C.G.P Grey’s content spreads around a lot because he creates videos that everyone can enjoy and learn from. He does not exclude any audience type from his videos rather he wants everyone to watch his videos. His videos allow people to learn something new every day without taking much time out of their day to do it.