Ashley Graham: The Cellulite Sensation

Today, Ashley Graham is a hot topic because she is looking amazing hosting the Miss Universe pageant. Before tonight however, with her 183K Twitter followers and 3.1 Million Instagram followers, inspired women to love their bodies and feel sexy in whatever skin they’re in. Her website also show cases her talents as a model while still exuding her body positive message best summed up by her tag line “Stand up for curves. Confidence is sexy.”

Instagram is a photo based platform that allows for captioning, tagging, direct messaging, and live video. Ashley’s Instagram includes an array of photo content. I personally follow her account because I love her message. Her photos include professional shots from her modeling shoots as well as selfies of her in a bikini. Many of her photos are untouched pictures that show case her cellulite that she freely embraces. She uses many of her pictures to highlight the fact that working out and being healthy are important, but loving yourself is above all.Her Twitter is no different. Her content includes promoting events, like the Miss Universe pageant, and episodes of America’s Next Top Model on which she serves as a panelist. All of her tweets are fun loving and promote confidence and self-love.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 11.18.30 PM.png

I feel like I know Ashley through her social media and I think that’s why she succeeds. She seems genuine and is being an activist for something that many women struggle with. Combined with the fact that she is beautiful and successful, I think she catches a lot of women’s attention as someone they would like to emulate in a way and thus has a giant fan base via her social media platforms.