Blog #2: Share the Laughter

I decided use Jenna Marbles as my subject, simply because she is one of my favorite Youtube comedians (and let’s face it, she is hilarious). Jenna Nicole Mourey, mostly known as Jenna Marbles a very famous Youtube star and the creator of some of the funniest videos on the Internet. Jenna started her Youtube channel back in 2010, first mostly uploading videos of her dogs and other random videos. The video that made her Youtube career take off was “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking” where she demonstrates multiple tricks how to enhance your looks. This video had over 5.3 million views within the first week. The video easily reached millions of people when it was shares across multiple social media sites. Currently the video has over 65.4 million views on Youtube. Also, her video¬†“How To Avoid Talking To People You Don’t Want To Talk To” was featured in articles by ABC News and The New York Times, which made her gain even more popularity.

The audience demographics are often hard to determine without actual data, however, I would guess mostly teenagers and young adults makes up majority of Jenna’s audience. I believe Jenna’s content spreads easily because it makes people laugh, it is laughable-stupid and she loves to make an idiot out of herself. Also, she says the things that most people think about but are too afraid to say them aloud. Even thoug, most of her content is sort of pointless and stupid, she makes good points from time to time. People enjoy laughing and honesty. Jenna’s videos also are very interesting because she is a creative person and is not afraid of making a fool out of herself. She comes up with new different material in order to stay popular and satisfy her audience. People also like to share the joy and laughter and send funny videos to each other, making her videos spread across the Internet.