Mathew Patrick: Pop Culture Theorist

Matthew Patrick better known as MatPat is a You Tuber who is best known for his theories about games and films. He has two YouTube channels with a total of about 12 million combined subscribers. His followers encompass an extremely wide range. From the ages of 10 to upwards of 50 years old, with nearly infinite backgrounds his content reaches anyone with interests about his theories. With YouTube being the go to platform for the new age “actors” anyone can make a video and become an online celebrity.

He uses YouTube to elaborate on his theories on both games and films. He uses science and problem solving to connect dots between possible clues in games or films. He also looks into the possibilities of how game or film mechanics work. He has theories about every pop culture movies or games. With theories about how all of the Disney films connect, or even theories on how to kill Deadpool. His wide range of topics are always backed up with sciences and a Sherlock Holmes like ability to see and connect every tiny detail. These are the factors that make his content so great. He knows what people are interested in and applies himself to these topics and if there is a theory to be made about it he will find and produce it. His content spreads because all things no matter how well made seem to overlook some factor, and most people seem to notice that something is missing. So when people start connecting dots about say why dead pool is invincible Mat comes up with a theory about how to kill him ( These are the main reasons why his content is so well liked and spreads so easily. It’s because we can all relate to what he’s saying about these pop culture icons. But hey that’s just a theory, a life theory about YouTube.