TeamFourStar – Masters of Parody

In early May 2008, a small low-budget YouTube channel, dedicated to the fanaticism surrounding the popular Japanese anime/manga series Dragonball Z, uploaded their first video of a series that would skyrocket them to worldwide popularity among the anime community. The video was episode 1 of their popular web-series Dragonball Z: Abridged. The series, as its namesake, is a shortened version of the popular Japanese anime, while also introducing a comedic value to it, as it is also a parody of the series.

A fan-redubbed version of the original series, it was meant to be a “non-profit fan-based parody.” However, after nearly 4 years the series had attracted a massive amount of fans of its own, due to its humor, fantastic editing and voice acting, and its clear respect for the original series, TeamFourStar began monetizing their brand. Since then, the original founders, Scott Frerichs, Nick Landis, and Curtis Arnott have branched out and have improved the new found art of “abridging” original animated programs (most of the time being Japanese anime). Not only have they grown to nearly 2.5 million subscribers since then, but also have created 4 new series by practicing the same formula on the anime Hellsing: Ultimate (a usual Halloween special that has become increasingly popular), the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! and Attack on Titan series, and even an abridged parody version of the popular Final Fantasy 7 video game. However, due to copyright issues, the Attack on Titan project was dropped after its first episode.

TeamFourStar is now working on its 57th episode of Dragonball Z: Abridged and is halfway through the original series. The group has been recognized positively by the original voice actors of the characters they portray and have even made cameos in the latest  Dragonball Z video games as extra voice actors. The group has received much recognition and praise among the anime community. Their content spreads over every anime fan’s social media thanks to their witty humor, and jokes that are humorous to not only hardcore fans of the series, but also to those that aren’t.