What Up!? It’s Dashie: A COM395 Blog Discussion

Social media can turn someone from a nobody to a somebody. A young man could simply lip-sync the song Words of Love (Numa Numa guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmtzQCSh6xk) and enter the pantheon of Internet pop culture. Others can say simply one phrase like “Damn Daniel” and become so popular he would appear on Ellen and be given a lifetime supply of Vans sneakers. The person I’ll be analyzing has been in and out of the spotlight of viral media; I’ll be discussing Charlie Guzman, better known as DashieXP. I felt that it would be a good idea to analyze Dashie (as he is colloquially known as by his fans) because he is an example of the changing in trends on YouTube and the need to adapt in order to stay relevant in any field of entertainment (also I have been a big fan of his for quite some time). When Dashie first entered the world of YouTube he came in trying to make a music career, next he transitioned to situation comedy skits, and now he is playing video games. Video games on YouTube is something that has garnered a lot of attention by people, especially since at least 1.2 billion people play video games worldwide as stated in a web article by venturebeat.com in 2013 (http://venturebeat.com/2013/11/25/more-than-1-2-billion-people-are-playing-games/). Dashie’s main audience is from the United States, which is base of operations (as stated by klear.com more specifically http://klear.com/profile/DashieXP). Dashie in the past has claimed in his previous videos across his network to have fans also based in the United Kingdom also. Regarding the age of his audience Dashie is known to have audience members start from a young age to adults. The reason why Dashie may have gained such a wide variety when it comes to his audience is probably due to the fact that the content he does post appeals to a wide audience given the large population. Another reason for the audience that Dashie has gained and retained maybe as a result of his interaction on other social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook and, Instagram. Dashie as of lately has used Twitter as means of helping his audience updated on his videos and his daily life also. Now Dashie has used all these tools in order to maintain a solid rapport with his audience, but I feel it is his high energy and down to earth attitude that helped in in creating an large viewership with 2.1 million subscribers on his main channel, 900 thousand million subscribers on his secondary channel, and his most popular channel with 3.4 million subscribers on his gaming channel. As stated before Dashie would start his YouTube career making music, Dashie would transition to more videos focusing on skits which ,at the time when Dashie started in 2010, were very popular with other people and groups on YouTube Including NigaHiga (a popular channel starring Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi), ShaneDawsonTV, Fred (The video staring the high pitched FRED and his crazy, hyperactive adventures), and Smosh (A comedy skit channel featuring young adults an Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. Dashie was in a sea filled with other personalities like him, using a camera, their friends, their imagination, and hometown to create a world of their own. As the era of skits and skit channels was starting to diminish and die down video game channels would start to rise with channels like Game Grumps, PewDiePie, KSI, and Captain Sparklez. YouTube personalities who were reigning supreme in a previous genre of YouTube would also transition like Dashie including Smosh and Prank vs. Prank. It’s all a matter of appeasing your audience and changing interests along with them.


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