Evan Breen

Evan Breen is a famous comedian through his YouTube, Vine, and Twitter accounts. While he started out on YouTube, the popular movement of Vine is where he really picked up his followers, and then transitioned to Twitter.

Evan (LAturtle is his account name) started on YouTube on December 12, 2013, and currently has 130,603 subscribers with his multiple videos reaching 8,107,684 views. Even though Vine has “shut down” (I’m still not entirely sure what that means, since you can still watch vines), Evan (LAturtle), has 1.8 million followers. On Twitter, Evan (@evan_breen) has 190k followers, and his account has the “blue verified badge”, which is essentially a little blue check mark next to his name, letting people on Twitter know that his account is authentic.photo

Evan Breen’s accounts are all used for various forms of comedy, which to be quite honest is just so different. His sense of humor is not something everyone would enjoy, with most of his material about smoking pot or drinking, and containing a lot of swearing. However, he also does skits on Vine, where he pretends to be multiple people, ultimately making fun of social awkwardness and taboos that are rarely talked about. Evan crosses “socially acceptable” lines, which makes his humor something you’ll either love or hate.

I personally love his humor, because it is so different and isn’t at the expense of anyone. Since his popularity has gained a lot of attention, he has since launched a website where you can buy various t-shirts and tank tops with his face on famous monuments and people, such as the statue of liberty, and Marilyn Monroe.

After scrolling through his follower list on twitter, I noticed that for every female follower, there is four males. I think this is due to the content of his comedic material, in which most of which resonates with males.

I’ve attached a few links to his more popular vines, along with his website where you can purchase memorabilia.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZfj8pIzWK4 This is a 12 minute compilation of some of Evan’s more widely known vines, there is quite a few swear words, so beware of that.

http://www.evanmbreen.com/ This is his website.