Klare Jenner/Kardashian In Real Life?

Kylie Jenner (yes, I know) is popular based solely off of her social media presence. While she was briefly introduced to the public as the annoying little sister in Keeping up with the Kardashians, she has turned her brand into a social media franchise. Whether she is on her infamous snapchat, her Facebook account, or her app (for which you can pay for in the Apple Store or the Google App store).

Her social media accounts for which she is specifically in charge for showcase her progress in her “King Kylie” cosmetics. I have bought a few of her products and they are actually satisfactory. Her audience comprises of younger women ages 18-24 who are interested in makeup and cosmetics. Her showcases of her makeup and cosmetics on her videos on her social media channels show the product on herself, showing she uses the products in photo shoots and other public events. This makes her followers (aka, me) believe that I can look as beautiful as herself. Averaging over 750,000 likes on her Instagram account, she is successful in her endeavors as an entrepreneur.

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