Nature is Neat

Jacob Guliuzo and Josh Smith

Of the fifteen proven tricks for writing viral content, we used 8) inspire people, 9) don’t show but tell, 11) be ambiguous, and 13) create content you would want to share. We took this approach by taking a picture of the aurora borealis, and attempting to inspire people about the amazing experiences that the world has to offer other than looking at a phone. The reason for choosing the aurora borealis as our picture is because it is eye catching, and it is not a common site. Our post is a little ambiguous and shows but does not tell people specifically say to go outside, but rather just enjoy life for what it provides. This post is meant to stir people up into wanting to see what life has to offer beyond the cell phone. A post of this kind is something that would inspire ourselves to put down our phones and experience life.

Therefore, to report on how spectacularly our post did, we got one like. We also had one comment because of the grammar used in the previous comment. The reason for such a low performance is that since my partner and I do not use social media that often, our networks are not that large.