Blog 3 It Can Wait

For the task of creating a post to have people put down their phones I used the article 15 Proven Tricks for Writing Viral Content. Of the 15 tricks to make a viral post, I used 7 tricks. I focused on; 1(starting with the headline), 3(being amusing), 7 (trying different ideas), 8 (inspiring people), 9 (showing not telling), 11 (being ambiguous), 13 (creating content that I would share). I tried to use as many of the tricks I could in order to make a viral post. After playing around with different ideas about how to have the biggest impact. I decided to go with a relate-able post that people will also feel inspired by. My post was a picture of the beach with a simple but strong caption of “put down the phone and enjoy the beach.” The post is something that people likely find true and can relate to the message. This post was more specifically directed at my friends that live here in Daytona those that go to the beach often and can truly be affected by this post. After leaving the post up for about a day I got an amazing return of 4 likes, no comments, no reposts or shares. The reason for that is although I have a decent network on Facebook I don’t post very often so my content isn’t seen very often.