Blog #3

This was a fun assignment it didn’t go as planned but it was fun none the less. The meme was posted on Facebook as it is my major source of social media. I intended on showing what happens when you spend to much time on your phone looking through the world of social media and not on the world in front of you. Both pictures which will be seen on the blog share the message of: “While You’re catching up on social media… You’re missing out in reality” I think it shows a lot of impact, but a bit of humor based on the shotty Photoshop work (the program I used for this assingment is called GIMP which is similar to Photoshop, but is a bit harder to work with). The original idea was to do a short video starring me and a few other people and the scene would start with me looking at social media, until my friends come in. They greet me and ask whether or not I’d be interested in joining them to a party. I reply “No, I’m good. I’m catching up on social media.” As soon as I look up to see my friends they vanish. I look back down on my screen and see them on a live feed via Facebook Live or Snapchat. This will go on for a while until I drop my phone and exclaim to them “You know what yea, I’ll join you!” as I leave my phone on the table. Another person sees an update on the phone and clicks it to find a live fed of me with my friends to which he expresses “Man, I wish I was that guy.” As he says that the camera zooms in to the phone until the audience is transported to the place where all the fun is happening. The screen fades to black and captions pop up saying “Why look at the world from your phone when you can look at it with your own eyes? Drop the phone and have fun.” It sounds corny but I could see a non-profit company putting that up on TV

Now back to the actual post from the time that I am posting I have one like and a comment tagging a person to the post. I assume the flurry of Super Bowl related memes overshadowed my meme, but the Super Bowl was only one day and people might see this in the morning and share it with others

Here are the two memes I’ve made so far:

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also here is a link to the original post so you all can keep track, like, comment, and share.