For my (not so) viral post, I referenced articles we’ve read in class and found my inspiration from a campaign set up to stop kids from smoking, better known as Catmageddon. I chose to create a meme to post to Facebook. To create the content, I used a notable image of a cat in a pirate costume that has already been circulating the internet and attached a simple, yet expressive message: Time on your phone = no cat costume = no pirate cat.

My meme followed the rules of virality. I included an image with a cute cat to satisfy the animal appeal, the cat was dressed as a pirate to satisfy the expected shock of a post, the message was simple and the colors made it pop satisfying the catchy headliner requirement, and my post is relevant to nearly everyone as almost everyone has a phone.

I chose to post my content to Facebook, as that is where memes are shared most frequently and it happens to be where I have the most connections. After an hour, I had four likes and a “cute cat” comment from my grandmother (thanks Granny!). I do feel that because I posted it at an off time for Facebook users, I failed to meet the ‘time of post’ requirement and therefore my post will likely not catch traction as viral content, not to any fault of my meme’s. My platform was probably just not the best platform for this to spread. Catmageddon’s platform likely could share CATastrophic and be much more effective.