Focus on what’s really important

Dalton Hopkins

For my post I based my information off of the Just Creative article. I placed a photo titled “Focus on what’s really important”. I found there is a large video game community on the internet, so I thought a gaming-based photo on Facebook would be popular as it would target those on my friends list that played video games as a hobby. I was either wrong, or my Facebook page is not as popular or noticeable as I thought, as I only received 2 likes and 2 comments. It’s probably the latter. I based my photo on an image from the popular game Battlefield 1. I followed Just Creative’s #2. Keep up to Date by doing so. I also tried to be humorous in my post, therefore I also followed #3. Be Amusing. I noticed that Battlefield 1 was trending on Facebook at the time, so I followed #6. Hottest content for social media. I found my post to be something I would share myself, which is #13. Create content you share yourself.

I was aiming for a ironic/comedic post targeted for Facebook, perhaps the fact that it was posted the same day as the Superbowl might have interfered.