Vitality through Isolation: A Cursory Recollection of My Digital Footprint

Since my grade school youth I have always had a standard Facebook account, which has attributed to the positive acquisition of my current online friends base, as well as allowed me to stay in touch with real-life associates. Moreover, it has been the template of my personal progression from the resentful years of secondary school adolescences to my collegiate apex, for I have been able to witness the gradual edification of my character. Although I maintain a Twitter account, its uses are negligible due to continual inactivity.

On the spectrum of my profile picture with respect to the readings, one might assume my character to be agreeable, for the below-provided profile picture holds characteristics of extroversion while dawning conscientious colours and lighting. Noticeably, the incandescent luminosities and content facial expression void any statement of neuroticism. Given the fact that this photo was taken while my students were at lunch, and I had the class to myself it gives the vibe of this now relaxed substitute teacher soberly embracing the long-needed occupational interlude.

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Below are the transcriptions (along with reviews inside the following parentheses) of five Facebook posts I submitted before my enrollment into the COM 395 course:

“You know the thing about being human is? Even if we saw our future in through a looking glass, regardless of our actions the outcome will more than likely be the same. The caveat of flawless imperfection.” (When I was feeling inspirational and wanted to make a somber quote)

“Rogue One was stellar, despite a slow and heterodox-of-the-story intro, it gradually culminated into a piece apposite of the Star Wars fanfare. Though Vader’s walking speed was contrary to his bulky and cumbersome strides as seen in the canon, his tenacious brutality and dark wit was preserved by Disney, which deserves to be lauded. However, my disaffection towards Force Awakens still remains, for its inappropriate installment of Sith-like characters in a Post-Sidious galaxy, when Luke purged the remaining Sith with the death of his father in Return of the Jedi. Yet, with Rogue One as a prequel to A New Hope, I’ll be glad to see what other backstories Disney will have in relations to the Star Wars canon.” (My positive cinematic review of the Rogue One movie, which I did to affably compel my friends to see it as well)

“Reaction is not synonymous of prevention.” (A nice axiom I wanted to put out there so others would not follow the blunder of confidently doing without first thinking, one could say I went on a brief tirade)

“A void mind hallows the absolute, for neither it mediates nor familiarises itself with the silver lining of any given situation; wherefore, the open mind is the cognitive apparatus for pure enlightenment.” (I was listening to the Sword Art Online OST “She’s still sleeping” and it conjured this somber, fatalistic quote in my mind that I desired to openly share.)

(I was good-humouredly disparaging the innovation of the tub inside of the shower, for I thought it overly pretentious to have it at the time; however, given the moments when I just want to stay inside my shower to abstain from rejoining the now frigid and unwelcoming atmosphere, I have come to greatly respect the design and one day hope to have a tub-in-shower myself.)