Blog 1- Today’s Social Media

After scanning my own personal social media sites for evidence, I have found that social media technology is a combination of both technological determinism and social determinism. Today’s social and cultural structures have evolved with the development of technologies, and it has become imperative that we use certain technologies to obtain our goals. For example, it is crucial to have access to the Internet in order to partake in Hybrid classes, and classes around most college campuses in general. Because our culture has grown to rely on the Internet, it has been incorporated into our daily lives. On the other hand, I experience others (as well as myself at times) showing signs of social determinism due to social networking. It is brought to our attention the latest trends and new activities that are occurring on a daily bases. Because our society constantly shares this information, it has a major influence on viewers. These social interactions found on a screen has an impact on the social behavior of individuals, now more than ever. Without these social networking interactions through sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., these trends would not be as popular or well known by societies. When comparing our technologies today to those back in 1995, there is a dramatic difference. Our society is known for sharing information, whether it is relevant or not. Nowadays, it is common for people to post about the dinners they make, the mountains they climb, their goals they accomplish, etc. Back then, it would have not been socially acceptable to post something as slight as having dinner with your significant other, because it is a common event that occurs and people may be confused why you are publishing something as small as your dinner on social media sites. It would not be socially acceptable to the audience because this kind of news is irrelevant, and they would not understand why you are publishing such basic information. Today, these kind of postings happen frequently, and we socially accept this kind of information. The audience is more open to these meaningless postings, and even “like” or “comment” on small statuses/pictures. The audience is in control of social media, because without their feedback and support, individuals would not feel obligated to post about themselves. The particular audience that is in control of these situations are the millennials, because they are the most active users on social networking, and it is up to them to judge what is socially acceptable, and what is not.


This picture represents hashtags, a small phrase or word beginning with a pound symbol that represents an idea. In 1995, society would not know the meaning of these hashtags, and it would be irrelevant and socially abnormal. In today’s society, the millennials have made the hashtag a social norm and it is common to use these words and phrases in our postings.