Blog 2- Social Media Star

aaa-kyA social media star I have found to be the most influential through their posts is Kylie Jenner. Kylie obtains her own social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. Each account has millions of followers that constantly monitor her feed, because of her trendy outfits, make up, and poses. Her connection to the Kardashian family is what started her uprising. Kylie’s platform that drives her personal site is her “perfect” body, make up, hair, money, and modeling pictures. With these qualities, she reaches to her followers with her new trends and breathtaking pictures. Her profile catches the attention of younger females, approximately the ages 13-40. It also catches the attention of men who enjoy looking at her unique appearance. Because Kylie’s trends are so influential, she started her own make clothing and make up line so her followers could look and dress similar to the way she does on a daily basis. Her success comes from her constant innovative postings, and always appearing to be wearing something new to make a statement. This sparks the interest of both males and females, and she has become an icon on social media sites. The content spreads not only because the family she comes from, but because her creative looks people wish to see. Through my personal experience, I followed Kylie Jenner’s Instagram and Snapchat because she is well-known throughout the community and the country. I have heard much talk of her whether it may be through the news, verbally, or on social media itself. After following Kylie, I have stayed intrigued with her posts and have continued to follow her on social media to see what trend she will come up with next. I have purchased her make up set and used the skills she reaches on her Snapchat stories while applying it. As an icon, Kylie Jenner would not be as popular as she is today without the use of social media.

Attatched Kylie Jenner