Blog 3- Own Content

Hailey Jackson

Blog 3


I created viral content encouraging individuals (particularly college students) to detach from their phones once in a while by tweeting these words:

Life’s too lit, get off ur phone & experience it

After 24 hours, I received 17 retweets and 49 favorites. By using the tips found in the “Just Creative” article, I designed this tweet to appeal to my audience (also known as my followers). By using slang terms, for example the word ‘lit’, this is a reference to the culture that has developed. The term “lit” means awesome and amazing, and by using this slang it is easier for other college students to understand the message I am trying to get across to my audience. I kept the tweet shayrt and simple so it is clear and easy to read, and others want to retweet the content because it is short and clear on their profile as well. I think the tweet became popular because people can definitely relate to it, which is another quality of the content that becomes viral. Nowadays, people are glued to their phone for long periods of time and do not spend enough time experiencing his/her life to the fullest extent. Rather than putting their phones down, they are fixed to their phone screen. Many people agree with my statement and can relate to it, which is why there are a decent amount of retweets and favorites. The tweet is still getting favorites every now and then, because of all the retweets it had and different people seeing it for the first time. By using some of the keys to getting viral content, I produced a tweet that went somewhat viral.