Blog 4-Profile

Hailey Jackson

Blog 4


The social media accounts I use the most often for personal use include Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I use these three the most often because they are the most active with other individuals my age. I use them to interact, meet people, socialize, and express myself through written posts and photography. My profile photo for my Instagram includes a picture that was taken to model sunglasses for a company back home. I believe the picture represents my passion for photography as well as a unique fashion sense. I look somewhat preppy, which is a judgment that can be taken away from my picture. My last five posts and updates on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have included pictures of my softball team, a picture of myself on the beach, and some tweets that were humorous about Donald Trump. I expected to achieve support for my followers, and to let people know exactly what I was doing and what my opinions were. For my softball pictures, I wanted to update friends and family about our opening tournament in Alabama. As for my selfie on the beach, I wanted to show friends and family back home in Idaho that I live in an area that has nice enough weather to go to the beach in February. My humorous political tweets emphasized my opinions of Donald Trump. My digital presence is very simple, yet shows where I am from, my hobbies, and what I enjoy doing with my spare time. I believe I have a positive digital presence, because I don’t like to have any negativity that is associated with anything I post.