A Review of My Digital Footprint

I have some social media accounts for personal use, however, I rarely use most of them anymore. I have only ever created a social media account to stay in touch with friends apart from YouTube and LinkedIn. I created a Twitter when it became popular, used it for a little bit, and then stopped soon after. I made a Facebook in 2010, when it was the thing to do, and posted here and there. I don’t that much anymore. I created an Instagram long before this class, but have never used it. YouTube is the only social media site I use frequently for personal use. I use it to stay up-to-date on what I am interested in, to find new and interesting things, and to overall be entertained.

Since I typically use the same profile picture on all my personal social media accounts, I’ll review my Facebook and Twitter profile photo, a picture of me skydiving. I chose the photo because I wanted my profile picture to show me doing something interesting, and I didn’t have many pictures of that. At the time, I had recently gone skydiving and decided to change it from a high school senior photo. The reasoning as to why I wanted to have a picture of me doing something intriguing I honestly don’t know. If I had to pinpoint a motive, I would ponder that I didn’t want to look like a boring person; I mean, who does? A person who views my profile picture may think I am daring, fun, outgoing, not afraid to put myself out there, extraverted, etc. Although at the same time, since my face can’t be seen, I may show hints of shyness and introversion.

Twitter is the social media site that I’ve posted to the most, so I’ll review some of my most recent posts from there:


I posted this after seeing The Lego Movie in theaters when it came out. The words are lyrics to the main song of the movie, and they are hilariously catchy. I didn’t expect to achieve anything other than expressing my joys in working as team and how awesome everything really is.


I posted this soon after a microburst formed right in the middle of campus. Me and a few buddies went to play in the microburst and had blast. I guess I wanted to express a reminiscence from childhood from when I lived in Florida and played outside in hurricanes. It was fun.




I posted these three tweets while watching the 2014 World Cup. The first tweet is about Robben, a footballer with a ton of speed; he used his great speed to score a goal. I was dryly letting people know of his speed and wasn’t expecting to achieve anything. The second tweet is about the Costa Rican team. They were huge underdogs upsetting teams, and they did it again. I was expressing my joy for them. The last tweet was when the US played Portugal. If we won, we were guaranteed to move onto the round of 16. We were winning the game until the very last play when Portugal scored, tying the game. Now that we weren’t guaranteed to move on anymore, my excitement fell flat and that’s what I was trying to express.

As can you can see from my tweets above, I only get one like or retweet here and there. This is due to my network, or personal online presence, being small because I don’t post to social media often, if at all.