But first, let me take a selfie

Personally, I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and YouTube. I use Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat every day: Facebook and Snapchat for keeping in touch with friends and Twitter for following the news (I follow news organizations).


I just recently changed my profile picture, but before I did so, I posted it to Instagram and Facebook. I originally did not mean to make it my profile picture, but after posting it and receiving a lot of positive feedback on it, I was empowered to make it my profile picture. According to that article, I think I am more open as my photo has a bit of an aesthetic appeal (due to the lighting) but I also think there is a bit of neuroticism as the photo doesn’t really have anything else but me in it, but isn’t that how a profile picture is supposed to be?

My last five posts have been two selfies, one picture of my friend and I, one picture of my drink on an airplane, and one Boomerang video of a day I volunteered at our school crash lab. In the video, I was trying to communicate my love and excitement for my passion and maybe pick up some cool points for posting something that not everyone sees every day. The picture of my drink out the window of an airplane was just after I had an interview with said airline and was trying to speak highly of them as they had provided me the drink free of charge. The picture with my friend and the selfies had no real purpose other than to post about myself and the “cool” things I was doing or sharing a quote.


I have had my current Facebook account since September of 2010. I was at first a bit shocked at the sheer number, but then I realized that is not even once every day. In fact, the most surprising thing to me was the 923 times I didn’t post something that day and then, as the social media fanatic that I am now, got sad. This was a super cool tool to be able to compare my use with others’.