My Social Media Usage Review

Most of my social media usage varies based on what account you’re measuring. For example Facebook and Reddit are both used every day and a majority of what I do on those sights is look for topics of my interest, I created them both freshman year of high school if I remember right. Snap-chat is used almost every day but is more for communication purposes more than anything else I created it shortly after its release around 2010. Twitter and Instagram are used once a week or less depending on if I receive notifications these I have no idea when I made them.


When I evaluate my profile picture (Facebook because it’s the only one I’ve changed in a long time) and compare it to the article “Analyzing Personality through Social Media Profile Picture Choice” I would conclude that my personality would be high in openness and high in conscientiousness. My motives for the was to first change  things up a bit but second was to surprise my father and grandfather as well as make them happy by including them in the profile picture.


My last 5 Facebook posts from newest to oldest are a picture post of me and my friend Eleni from last night in a bar in Cincinnati. Next was a post I made on inauguration day that placed all the key values surrounding the nation’s welfare including the NASDAQ DOW/JONES, gas value, unemployment rate and more (basically a post for future reference to objectively see how Trump does.)trump Next post a photo of myself, my father, and my grandfather on Christmas Eve. Next post I made was a meme regarding how I felt how the election was going.lolololol And the 5th post I made (the oldest post) was to tell everyone I had safely evacuated from Daytona during the hurricane last year.


I had also intended on using the status history to get a record of all of the Facebook posts however it kept having to reload before I could get all of the information from the page. The furthest I was able to get was that I had at least 109 posts as of august 2016 so there is some data but I was able to get the info about top 10 posts or most liked status or comments and such.