From Pop-Culture to Loading Screens a self relflection on my Social Media Persona and Digital Footprint

At this point I feel as this has become such a cliche phrase for me but it  is so true “Social Media has been a major part of my life”. What I didn’t realize at that time was that I was setting the foundation to a persona – nay, an identity for myself that is available for the internet to see. I have basically made my self an entity to a world-wide reality show, sans the popularity, more drama, money, and cameras on me; but there are a lot of eyes on me. With today’s blog I will be discussing the social media entity that I have established for myself my reasoning for it, what I think it means to me, and what it could mean for my future. Before I could do that, I think  I should delve into the different types of social media have used and acquired over the past 7 years.

My journey into the world of social media started around freshman year  of high school when I got my own Facebook. I say my own facebook because before then I would use my mother’s facebook account, to which I’m strongly embaraseed about,  but I completely understand the implications as to why things were done that way: It was a way to monitor my activity so I wouldn’t do anything dumb and a way to be safe. To this day I think my mom is mutral friends with mine, kind of creepy, but I digress to much. Back to MY Facebook I would activated the account on June 21st, 2012 and my introduction to all of Facebook would be extremely cringe-worthy. Facebook is my means of connecting with people I know: from friends, family members, high school classmates, and people I’ve met throughout my life. Facebook would be my main source of social media for a while until I made my Twitter.

My Twitter Account was something I was originally forced to make for a class in my freshman year of college. What was once used as a means to complete a homework assignment is now my source for learning what celebrities are up to and a way for my favorite companies to inform me on whats going on creating a connection between me the consumer and the producers. I don’t usually use Twitter because a lot of my Friends still use Facebook. Back in my early years of Facebook, I had numerous friends suggest that I switch to Facebook, but I refused and stayed behind on what was popular. This is similar to recent history (paradoxical isn’t it) where many of people suggest I go to Instagram since it is the new IT THING, but I am staying to my old ways because no one seems to have dropped Facebook fully. I kind of feel like having numerous social media accounts to be quite cumbersome. When we post to a social media site we do so to keep people in touch with what we have done recently. With that on the mind why would we continuously update and to numerous mediums, but with that I’m still going to discuss all the ways I’m active on social media.

The next social media account that I use actively is Tumblr. I find it funny that the original purpose to me having a Tumblr was for me to pick-up a girl (I wish I was more familiar with Tindr a year ago so I could have use that instead). My Tumblr has obviously evolved from that and has now become my way of interacting and sharing data regarding my tv shows, video games, comics and more. Tumblr is a very supportive site in that regard an it is the reason I enjoy using it.

Snapchat, although the most recent addition to my social media, it is definitely the one I use the most (with Facebook in front of it by a hair). Snapchat is my way of showing the true me (or maybe what I want people to think is the true me) to the world (or at least the world according to me: which is New York, Embry-Riddle and to an extent Daytona Beach). I share bits and pieces of what is going on in my daily life and those who I deem worthy to get a peek of that are the ones who get to see it. Along with that sentiment it means a lot when my friends give me that allowance to. Snapchat has to be my favorite form of Social media because it gives me the opportunity to be a part of my friends and family’s lives and keep in touch.

As you can see my presence in social media is probably as big as everyone else’s and it gives me a chance to show the world who I am and what I aspire to be.

Although words can express who you are as an Individual so can your pictures (an I hear that it describes you more by at least 1000). My profile pics are ambiguous, but descriptive. They express who I am, but never shows you the man behind the screen. My profile Pictures usually have a trend of being from a part of social media that I love. Facebook and Twitter since those are the ones I’ve had the most are a clear indicator of that.

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I have rarely shown my face on Facebook due to past stigmas about social media and the internet. As a solution I would use art or pictures referring to one of my favorite pieces of pop culture that I think represents me. Lately I’ve been a bit more open when it comes to showing my face on social media via live feeds or actually posting pictures of myself in different situations


Similar to Facebook, in Twitter I wasn’t really interested in showing my face to the world because of previous stigma, self-consciousness and insecurities. Therefore I have a picture that I feel represents me: A person with so much power and energy in their hands.

I don’t think we ever realize how open we can be on social media; it is to our benefit and our detriment. Our more embarrassing and shameful parts of social media are open to those who might want to be malicious. On the other hand, social media is a way to chronicle our lives for those who live past us. This information can be used to study the world and how we reacted and felt about certain situations. Social media keeps us connected to those around us and will so educate and keep us connected to the future.