My presence on social media

The social media accounts I use for personal use would be YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. The YouTube account is what I mostly use to watch entertaining videos instead of watching television. As far as for Facebook, twitter, and Instagram I use these accounts to just pass time if I am bored. A friend of mine, whose name is Andrew Bui, took the Facebook profile picture and he tends to post many scenic shots to Instagram. His passion is film making and photography and he likes to post a lot of his content to Instagram and Facebook. So a bit of a story but essentially I was working with him on a short film project and during one of the breaks he wanted to know if I want to be in his next post. I said sure and then asked him if it was okay to use that as my profile picture and he said okay. At the time, I felt like I needed another profile picture since the last one I was using was two years old. Now, that I have the new picture I may not need another one for two more years. The picture is appealing to me and looks professional so I just will keep using it until another one or event comes along to replace it. On a serious note check out Andrew Bui’s Instagram here, he makes great content.

So on the subject of reviewing my posts I have two one from November of 2014 in which I wished someone happy birthday on their timeline and the next is one of my friends took over my Facebook and put “yo” as my status update on March of 2015. Okay so not that exciting in the least I have to say. I do wish people happy birthday through Facebook if I do not have their number and I usually do it through Facebook messenger. That status update was my one and only status update on Facebook since I tend to avoid posting on social media. I will share posts if they pertain to something that I am interested in or worked on. I shared quite a few links to film projects that I helped on to help spread the word and to help the film acquire more views. I do not view social media like most other due in the way of feeling the need to constantly post on social media. I guess to me at least it seems somewhat pointless to post one’s daily life all over the internet. I also do care what people think of me and what goes on in my life. I also did not have a Facebook account until my second semester in college. I also was one that did not have my space either. I figure that I would rather enjoy the moment with the people around me rather than post that experience on social media. I guess that, because I had never used social media it is just not part of my routine to post things on sites like Facebook. I also have a small circle of contacts that I see throughout the year at one point or another and use that time to meet with them and catch up. I do know call me old fashioned or out touch but I have not seen a need to post on social media just because I felt like it. Now, on the other side I do like many things on Facebook but mostly as of late old warplanes and tanks since I have an interest in war history. I tend to follow pages that in turn post that type of content. Here is a link to one page that I follow as an example. I hope this gives some insight into my use of social media.

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