My Stealthy Social Media Presence

Upon my examination of my social media pages I found there only to be 2 sites worth mentioning; Instagram and Facebook. Both sites, I find, I don;t find myself posting much content, but rather sharing, liking, following, and leaving the occasional comment.

fb scrnsht.png

As a matter of fact, the last time I posted an original piece of content, aside from the image assignment we had a couple of weeks ago, was December 4th following my visit to the Ferrari Finali Mondiali Festival in Daytona. I had posted 8 pictures I took while attending the event.

fb fm scrnsht.png

As for the reasons behind the sharing of said images, it is somewhat odd to think as to why I would do such a thing. In all honesty, it’s hard to think of why I did share those photos. I suppose I wanted everyone to know that I was there, at that event, and having a good time. It’s also quite literally a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the Finali Mundiali, so I also wanted to record it, and what better place to record something forever than my ominously immortal Facebook page?

As for my Instagram account, I’m much more active than that of Facebook page, which is not saying much. Actually, I’ve only had 7 posts within the last year.


All 7 of which came before early January, and all are relevant to either my involvement with the military, my hobby of motorsports, or my friends. Regarding the military posts, I have pride with my involvement in it, and I suppose I wanted to share something that I’m proud of. My racing hobby is something I share with many of friends, so I tend to share things that I feel they may enjoy, which may be another explanation for my earlier mentioned Finali Mundiali post on Facebook. Finally, I often find myself doing humorous activities with friends, and when I record them I often think many other’s may find it as humorous as I.

In a special case however, my most recent post involving one of my closest friends Justin, as seen in the uppermost left photo above, is more of an appreciation post. He recently left for basic training in the Army, and I wanted to wish him luck publicly.

My actions and posts on social media are rare, but that doesn’t mean I don’t put careful consideration into my profile pictures. Both pictures are of me wearing the Army Class A ASU uniform. Usually the uniform is worn during formal events such as balls and commencement ceremonies.

fb profile pic.png

I wanted my profile pictures to be formal and professional, but while also reflecting my aspirations in life. I felt wearing the class A uniform was a great way service that want, but while also looking handsome doing it.

My presence on social media is somewhat stealthy. I actually visit Instagram often three times a day to see the new images being posted by those I choose to follow. However, regarding my own original posts I don’t share much with others. It isn’t that I want my privacy, but rather I only post things I find are highlight moments of my life. In the image of my Instagram account, every photo or video was recorded while I was doing something that I may never forget. Whether it be riding an Army Blackhawk helicopter for the first time, being contracted and sworn into the Army, or my attending of a one-time Ferrari festival in Daytona, if it was an interesting highlight experience in my life, I find myself sharing it with the world.