My Online Presence One Post at a Time

I currently use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pintrest, and Tumblr as my social media accounts.

My Facebook is by far my biggest account, with 4,949 friends. At one point I actually had to go through my friends and delete a bunch because I guess once you reach 5,000, you have to turn your profile into a “page”, and I wasn’t sure how my privacy would change so I just deleted a lot of friends that I accepted and didn’t necessarily know. All of my family is on my Facebook, and so the things I do post are very censored, and appropriate for my 84-year-old grandma to read. I used to post a lot on Facebook back in my middle school days, and a little into my freshman year of high school, until I became a user of Twitter. Now I rarely post on Facebook, and if I do it is  a shared video or article, or a picture though my linked Instagram account.

My Instagram account is significantly smaller than my Facebook, with me following 564, and having 1,720 followers. I have less family on Instagram, and I will post more “racy” pictures and captions. I post here quite frequently, usually at least once a week, but never twice in one day. I really like to express my writing, or other’s writings under my pictures that can sometimes be quite long, even though I know most people wont take the time to read them, it is more for me than them anyway. I also have a “theme” to my Instagram account, where every 3rd picture I will post a quote or something inspirational, giving my whole profile a different look.


My Twitter is my smallest circle of interactions. With 490 following me, and me following 222 people, this is where I interact with my closest friends. None of my family has a Twitter, besides my cousin who is practically my best friend. On Twitter I will swear and talk about things I never would on either Facebook or Instagram.


My Snapchat, Pintrest, and Tumblr are used the least by me, and I honestly rarely ever check them. My volleyball team has a group Snapchat that everyone always sends pictures and videos to, and that is the only thing I check when I open that app.

My profile picture on Instagram says the most about me compared to my Facebook or Twitter.


I have absolutely no makeup on, and it a taboo to post pictures like this in the first place, and making it my profile picture is my own way of taking a stand against the social norm. I usually change my Instagram and Twitter profile pictures more often than my Facebook, just because it is less of a big deal. When you change your Facebook profile picture, everyone sees it on their timeline, but with Twitter and Instagram there is no notification. However, I have had this profile picture for a long time, and I really like it and plan on keeping it until I take a new picture that I feel is more powerful.

My last five posts on Twitter were all tweeted directly by me to be funny, or retweeted by me because I thought they were funny. I think–no–I know humor is a big part of my personality, and  my Twitter profile strongly represents this aspect of who I am, something my two other main social media accounts don’t. file4-1file-1file3-2file1-1file2-1