blast from the Past

For the social media social norm breaching experiment I choose to like posts from several of my friends from well over one year ago.

I choose to break this norm because it didn’t require a large amount of effort, it would be easy to explain my motives afterwards and it would send them a notification for each separate post I like giving me an increase in expected responses.

I choose to begin by Liking at least 5 posts for each of the following from at least a year or older for each person on the lists and if no response was given I choose to follow up with probing them after 24 hours about the social norm. All of the following were liked and gave a response without requiring any probing, Steven j Grom, Eleni Panagiotopoulou, Curtis Petitt, An Hong le, Christine Nguyen, Andre hakim, Bonus Michael Brackett. As well as Curtis Robertson who did not respond without probing.

Curtis Robertson who I had to ask why he didn’t respond to the liking of old posts. Said that he figured I was either really bored or was doing it to get a response from him and figured I would contact him about tit eventually. While going back and liking photos I attempted to focus on ones that they specifically posted and were not tagged in so it would be directed at them rather than others. The results of this social breaching experiment took about 3 hours to start. It began with Eleni and Christine who were the first to respond one right after the other. They responded in a group chat and asked “you bored Reuss” Andre (who often breaks social norms responded by laughing and saying he does the same) Eleni was more weirded out by it than the others were. Andre then preceded to respond by liking and commenting on about a dozen of my old photos and posts. One person who was in the group chat but, doesn’t use social media (Michael Brackett) responded by liking all of my messages in iMessage. Steve didn’t really mind it as his cousins have done that to him several times before liking hundreds of his posts. An Hong le responded with an outburst of anger for “blowing up her phone” and remained angry until I explained the situation to her.

The responses with exception of Andre and Michael’s responses were about what I expected them to be. Confusion, anger, wonder, and even contempt were responses that I was expecting to see from this experiment. I think that these are the normal responses to a breaking of a social norm. The only response that I wasn’t sure whether to expect or not was no response at all. This is a message that relates to the real life response of social norm breaching of ignoring the person/action that is breaking this norm. the other responses were the exact opposite of what I expected. I hadn’t even directed anything to Michael and got a response from him. Andre’s response was totally unexpected, his act of reciprocity was the opposite of wasn’t even remotely close to something I thought would happen.img_1402img_2874img_2876img_2875