Blog # 5

The unspoken rule that breached was basically posting things on Facebook that was totally out of the norm for me. I posted things that were borderline derogatory, “unholy,” and somewhat offensive. I chose to violate this because I felt like it would get the most reactions and I would have more data to go off of when I finished the assignment. When I violated the room the first couple of days, they did not get as much attention as I thought they would. When I saw this, I stepped up my game and posted things that would catch a little more attention. It was things like being slightly offensive to the LGBT community, chauvinistic towards women, and lacking empathy for people hurting were going through certain situations. What I found, is that most people actually agree with the more offensive posts that I put up. I only got one private message that asked why I felt like I did. In several other situations, I had people ask on the posts to explain what I really meant. I took that as some people knowing that I don’t post things like that, so they were thinking that something may be wrong. I also had a couple of people try to argue me up and down about what I posted. There were some people that actually took things more personally than they should have on certain posts, but those posts were not even geared towards the breaching experiment. My fiancĂ©e, for example, got upset over a post I made that was rather sentimental. She thought because of the other stuff that I was posting, that I was taking the shot heard for something we had discussed at another time.

And I think a lot of people behaved the way they did because they weren’t used to me posting things like that. Some people were used to me saying things around them that would reflect those type of posts, but most people that don’t know me really well personally didn’t take things too well that I posted on social media. I’m not really sure what this says about how or why we interact the way we do online. I will say that most of the time we post according to who are crowd is. If we don’t want certain people looking at us a certain way, then we don’t post those types of things where they can see it. Sometimes we find ways around it, like on Facebook for example, you can actually edit whom you want to see certain things before you actually post it. During this experiment, I posted things that I normally wouldn’t post because of certain people and network connections on my profile. I looked at my friends list before I wrote this blog, and I realized that during the week that several people have unfriended me since I started the experiment. I haven’t figured out who they are yet.