Blog 5

Hailey Jackson


Blog 5


An unspoken rule and norm that is related to social media is using Instagram strictly to communicate when you do not know someone very well, or do not have their mobile number. In other words, it is uncommon to message people on Instagram to ask questions or have casual conversations when you have their mobile number and can easily text them. An individual may breach this rule on Instagram by using it to message their friends and family with everyday conversation, rather than calling and texting. I conducted an experiment involving ten other people (5 family members and 5 friends). I messaged my friends and family on Instagram as I would over text, regarding

  • How is your day?
  • Did we have homework in our class?
  • Happy Birthday
  • How is Hawaii?
  • What time is practice?
  • What’s the plan for this weekend?
  • Miss you lots!
  • How was the race?
  • How did you pitch?
  • Hey

I chose this rule to violate to prove the point that text talk is different than messaging others on social media, because it is more direct and personal. When I violated the rule of having personal conversations over Instagram, 7/10 of the people asked me directly after or in person as to why I messaged them via Insta rather than just texting/calling. The responses were similar, just curious as to why I used Instagram to contact them rather than texting and/or calling. I collected my data by writing down the reactions from others and the way they disapprove of my communication. I believe people reacted the way they did because they are not used to this kind of personal communication, and they would rather call or text to talk about personal information. They may feel as if Instagram is an informal way to communicate with someone they are close with. This goes to show we are only comfortable conversing with our closer friends and family over text, rather than using a social media site such as Instagram to communicate back and forth.