Facebook Breaching: Fun with Parents of Friends

For my breaching experiment I decided to comment on some photos of one of my friends that went on a vacation to Georgia containing extremely odd and often downright random words and inside jokes, and while that isn’t completely out of the ordinary, these photos were posted 4 months ago, by his parents.

The suggestion came from the article in the assignment description giving the example of commenting random words and topics that have no relevance to the post. I commented the word “poop” on one of them, and after a day, featured no response. Disappointed, I commented an apostrophe, with also no response. Before I gave up and thought about trying another experiment, I found a photo that reminded me of an inside joke I have with this friend, and left a larger comment that this time, warranted a response.


If you can’t already read it, it states the following, “The four descendants of the pharaoh, including RAbert Schatenkamen III, the next in line for the throne, watch over the Egyptian sunset on the banks of the Nile, praising Ra for yet another blessed day, before praying to him for another bountiful harvest through the approaching Winter and then returning to their palace to feast on the crops their peasants have grown and prepared for them.” As mentioned before, the photo was taken on their trip to Georgia.

Allow me to fill in the details. There is a running joke between my friend Robert, most of our friends, and I, that he is of Ancient Egyptian royalty. Of course, for all we know, he isn’t, and for the record he is of Italian descent. As previously stated, unlike the previous two attempts, this one actually warranted a response.


After explaining why I was commenting on his parent’s posts, I tried to collect data.


His mother nor father appeared to pay much attention to it, which considering the time frame, I thought was odd. In fact, the only person that did react to me personally, by SMS messaging or Facebook contact, was my friend Robert.

The response was underwhelming, and thus disappointing. However, even a small reaction is one to analyse and make an estimate as to why it occurred. For example, perhaps the only reason Robert reacted was age. Robert is 19 years old, while his parents are presumably older than, or at least, 40. Younger social media users tend to care more about what occurs on not only on their accounts and posts, but also posts that include them. The other photos I commented on did not include Robert, and perhaps he was not tagged in them. Therefore, he was no given no notification of my comments.

While, according to Robert, his mother did notice the comments, she paid no attention to them and ushered no response. Perhaps if it was someone of a younger age, it would have warranted a response, much like it did with Robert.