She wasn’t even tagged here.

For my breaching experiment, I didn’t have to think very hard about what people do on social media that bugs me. After a couple different ideas, I decided on one after it happened to me. With the spread of memes, people have been tagging their friends in the comments section of those memes on Facebook. Sometimes they will just comment their tagged name, other times they will add a short little “this is so funny” or something along those lines. I have a friend that I do this with and, after tagging her in a meme’s comments, an acquaintance of ours liked my comment. This interaction with a comment on a meme’s comment feed that doesn’t include you breaks a social norm because it is, for me, synonymous to a person including themselves in a in person conversation that was not meant for them. This is obviously ridiculous because when I tag my friend in those posts, it is public and if I wanted it to be truly a private conversation, I could have sent her the picture in a text message or a direct message through Facebook. After she liked it, my friend and I talked about how weird it was that she liked my picture and, because of that, I knew it would make for an interesting breaching experiment.

Overall, the feedback was good in that no one was offended by my experiment. When you pull up a picture or video on Facebook and open the comments section, typically comments by your ‘friends’ will appear at the top of the comment feed, so it wasn’t hard to find my victims. I chose to comment on memes with the intent of humor, so as not to comment anything that would cause too much damage, and I chose to interact with ‘friends’ who I was not close with in real life. I noticed that, most of the time, girls would not interact with me after I liked and commented on a post that they had either tagged someone in and/or been tagged in, however, most of the time guys at least liked my comment while some even commented back. screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-12-41-12-am

I think people were more open to me commenting on these because they were humorous and some even had multiple comments from different friends tagging each other. I also think that men were more open to interact back because, number one, I am a female and, number two, men are typically more welcoming than women in social settings. Females tend to be more exclusive in my experience and I think that has carried over into the social media world.