The Volatile Consequence of Like Followers’ “Every” Instagram Post

For my breaching experiment I performed a personal-unthinkable, for I opted to like every Instagram post several followers had respectively made since the creation of their account to the moments before the experiment was concluded. Given the social media normative of only liking the latest three pictures posted by follower at any given time, I took it upon myself to stretch those rules to the last fifty pictures posted, or all of them if the follower published less than the aforementioned total (notice: experiment was conducted on followers with at least twenty-five posts). Due to the verbally graphic nature of some follower responses I am unable to post them for ethical reasons. At the culmination of the experiment, out of the eight candidates only five responded to the normative breach through comment or direct message, and below are the morally abridged transcriptions of their replies. Of course, each participate was subsequently informed that this was an experiment, so we’re all cool now (notice: experiment was conducted on all female participants)

Experimental Subject 1 (ES 1): Why…tf did you like all my pics? …freaking weirdo!!!! 😠

Apparent Boyfriend of ES 2: Bruh you gonna have to chill with that [redacted] because that’s my old lady, if you ain’t know. 👎

ES 3: Why’d you like all my pics?

ES 4: Dude you’re so [redacted] weird lol 😂

ES 5: I have a boyfriend 😤

ES 6 responded by like ten pics on my profile and commenting 😍 on the fifth picture on profile.

ES 7 and ES 8 have yet to respond.

Due to the ostensibly tenacity and patience it takes to like twenty-five posts in comparison to three, such an action could be marked as obsessive or indicative of attraction towards the noted individual. Wherefore, the boyfriend of ES 2 might have felt intimidated by the perceptible amounts of attention being lavished unto his swain, which were being gifted a person of his partner’s opposite sex. Accordingly, that discerns the existence of territorial sentiments held by some men to this very day whom are on social media. Moreover, some women are noticeably repulsed by a male showing them unwarranted amounts of social media attention, for it might come off as stalkish or ill-confident. Markedly, our society is built upon the normative of moderation and currency when it comes to liking posts on an any given individual’s profile, which exhibits its own western-like decorum.