Luxury Without Compromise

In 1986 Honda founded car company Acura as luxury car line. Their mission was to provide a luxury alternative that was equal in reliability and in maintenance costs as their parent company was.

Acura’s target audience started in japan just like Honda, but quickly spread when they released the NSX in 1991. The NSX brought interest in their other cars and sales sky rocketed. Fast forward 25 years and Acura has begun producing the NSX again after more than a decade. Because of this the current target audience has expanded to anyone who wants/can afford a luxury car that will last for years. They use their influence on social media to inform their audience about exciting changes and update to their lineup of cars. Their strategy revolves around informing and bringing interest about their products to the audience. Most of their content appears on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Most of the feedback about their social media usage is constructive and positive. Their content is focused almost exclusively on promotion of their products and very rarely strays from that goal.

The best thing Acura could do to improve their social media usage is to follow Toyota’s model, and post more charity/helpful type posts. Right now they have had only one charitable action throughout their social media in the last three months. Additionally they could increase the number of posts from once every 3 days on average to every other day. And mix up their content. People get bored of seeing the same thing all of the time. So their Instagram usage would benefit hugely from diversifying their content.

Examples of their social media usage are below.

Screenshot (9)

This screenshot details how the NSX was crowned the best performance car thus far for 2017

Screenshot (11)

this screenshot displays a fan of the NSX tweeting to Acura about their encounter.

Screenshot (12)

this screenshot is an example of how they won a recent award from Kelly Blue Book regarding best cost to own luxury car.

Screenshot (13)

this displays a series of their recent Instagram postings from the last week.

Screenshot (14)

This last screenshot is from well over three months ago on  Instagram and shows how little the variety of content changed between the two above screenshots.