Tesla: On the Right Track

Tesla is an American car company that’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Tesla believes that way to begin doing this is by producing electric cars without compromise, meaning, that the cars would have zero emissions.

Tesla’s target audience is generally anyone who is up-to-date on the forefront of technology in cars. Tesla does not have a definitive social media strategy. They use social media to inform their audience on Tesla news, news on sustainable energy, and to connect with their audience by replying occasionally on Twitter. Tesla’s tone is genuine, kind, and complimentary being that when they reply, they’re jovial with their audience. Tesla receives that warm and welcoming response back from their audience.

The most significant thing Tesla could do to improve their social media game is to just post more. This would be a huge opportunity to make their brand more visible by their intended audience, as well as everyone else. It also wouldn’t hurt to reply on more sites than just Twitter and to implement some humor into their posts.

Examples of Tesla’s social media usage are listed below.


Screenshot of a friendly reply on Tesla’s Twitter.


Screenshot of a Facebook video post about sustainable energy and praise from a fan.


Screenshot of Tesla posting news about winning an award with good response on Instagram.


Screenshot of more news on Tesla’s LinkedIn.



Screenshots of Tesla showing humanity and relatedness on Twitter.

Featured Image: http://www.carlogos.org/logo/Tesla-logo-2003-2500×2500.png