The Onion: Up to date satirical comedy

The company that is under review is The Onion. This company’s main purpose is to provide satirical comedy that is delivered through “news” posts. These “news” posts are based off what is going on in the world at that time. The target audience that The Onion is aiming is for anyone and everyone who enjoys a good laugh. The social media sites that they use are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, and Pinterest. The main purpose of The Onion’s social media accounts is to all for many different avenues for sharing their content.

On all of the social media accounts except for Pinterest and YouTube, the content is their news posts for people to read and discuss. On YouTube, the videos that are posted contain movie reviews and all the way to reviewing congressional speeches. The videos contain the same idea of satirical content but in a video format. On Pinterest, the content that is posted is broken up into categories by topic so examples would be weddings to recent news. The pins themselves contain links to the actual news stories that are on their website. The Onion’s social media accounts are constantly updated every time they publish a fresh news story.

Their strategy seems to be one keep it up to date and current and on top of fresh news articles. They also use their accounts to help spread what they make on almost every major social media account. This way the maximum size of their viewing audience is increased.

The five recent posts from The Onion would be 5 Things to know about daylight saving time, Sean Spicer walking around White House in sunglasses and baseball cap to avoid press, Helpful man saves woman effort of telling idea to boss herself, Man still worried parents of ex-girlfriend from 7 years ago hate him, and Queen Elizabeth rushed to hospital for royal blood transfusion. The Onion’s audience tends to laugh and share these articles quite often. The overall tone of all their posts is to be humorous and entertaining. I think that for now their company is doing very well with their social media accounts. The one change that could be made would be to add a comments section on their main website to allow for audience interaction. Other than that, their overall strategy for using social media seems to be very solid and works very well for them.