IndyCar – Motor Racing Social Media

As the other largest American Motorsport Series next to NASCAR, IndyCar has taken up a similar strategy regarding its reach to its fanbase. IndyCar treats its social media page, or in this case Twitter, as another way to convey breaking news stories and updates to its fans. For example, today was its first Grand Prix of the 2017 season, won by Sebastian Bordais. Following the event, IndyCar’s Twitter account posted several mentions of the finishing results and highlights of the event.

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While I believe it is important for a sport to keep their fans updated, I also believe a sport should also interact with them to keep their interest fresh. For example, I believe that perhaps a fan vote event would make their follower count grow and allow the fans to interact with their sport as well. NASCAR does this in some areas such as the fan vote award for their All-Star race where fans can interact with the decision of which driver that isn’t currently qualified for the event will be eligible.