Killing it in Social Media: A Blog Discussion regarding the social media strategy of Netherrealm Studios

When a group of people are a part of a gaming organization in the generation of information technology, where people can access piratically everything with the tap of a screen, IT IS EXTREMELY CRUCIAL TO PRACTICE THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES: retain one’s current audience, while at the same time seeking new audience. With the upcoming release of their new potential blockbuster game Injustice 2, Netherrealm has, in my opinion excelled in the field of social media. Before further analysis lets go over who Netherrealm Studios is. Netherrealm Studios is a video game development studio and subsidiary of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Their team is located in Chicago, Illinois and is behind many well-known, highly regarded, and popular video games including the Mortal Kombat franchise. In order to inform fans and share whats going on in the organization Netherrealm Studios has a twitter page for the organization as a whole, but the organization has social media pages for their game franchises including a  Twitter, Facebook, and Twitter. Along with those forms of social media Netherrealm uses the live streaming network Twitch to give those watching  an inside look on what they are working on at that time. The game development organization truly shows transparency as the creative director and spiritual leader of the team Ed Boon is constantly on Twitter talking to fans and answering questions. Netherrealm focuses mostly on gamers both hardcore and casual, appealing to a casual audience with their mobile games.

Along with doing casual self promotion, Netherrealm is taking the time to strike the iron while it is hot and has been focusing most of their attention on promoting and hyping up their new game Injustice 2 coming to PlayStation 4 and XBox One on May 16th, 2016. On the Netherrealm page on twitter recently they have been promoting their mobile version of their video game Mortal Kombat X, with challenges they can access on the app and recently talking about a match between two e-sports competitors in a in a tournament featuring their widely-acclaimed game Mortal Kombat X. I think it is amazing that Netherrealm is appealing to very different audiences such as the competitive e-sports fan and the mobile gamer.

Netherrealm Studio Tweets:

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Injustice 2 is the next game that Netherrealm Studios will be introducing to the public and with it should come some promotion, information and excitement. Netherrealm has taken these three categories by storm. Netherrealm would release numerous trailers for their new game in the past month,  announce more than 5 new characters for the game, with more to come, and live streams called watchtower streams where they go in-depth and discuss their upcoming characters in the Injustice game. What was probably their best move in regards to their social media strategy would be their most recent character reveal while making a crossover video with WWE. UpUpDownDown is a YouTube channel hosted and looked over by WWE Superstar Austin Watson, better known by his nickname Austin Creed and ring name Xavier Woods where he features him and other superstars playing video games. Austin Creed made a video taking a visit to the Netherrealm office, take a tour, talk to Ed Boon, and reveal the new character, and be one of the first (outside of development) to play the new character. Netherrealm was able to apply to two audiences gamers and wrestling fans, a pairing that usually go hand in hand in pop culture.  Netherrealm with this strategy of being open to their fans and sharing their development, shows that the consumer can trust the product and those making the product.

The Recent Trailers

UpUpDownDown Character Reveal

Lastly we have our Leader in all of this Ed Boon who has laid the path for this organization and the games developed with his team. Mr. Boon frequents twitter and interacts with his fans young and old. There have been times that Ed Boon would use his position to guage his audience and see what the expect and want from team. Ed Boon uses Twitter polls to see what fans desire and expect from Netherrealm’s final draft of their games. I think it is amazing that someone like Ed Boon, who has a lot of say in what happens in his developmental team, creates a forum for fans to rely on and partake in, making them feel like they are a part of the team.

Ed Boon Tweets:

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Netherrealm’s presence on social media is phenomenal and I don’t think they should change anything. This is the type of transparency and interaction that all game developers should follow.