Blog # 7

I read the article “Cracker Barrel stay silent in the wake of #bradswife backlash.” In the article, Bradley Byrd, posted a question to the restaurants Facebook page trying to find out why his wife was fired after 11 years of service, and it was on his birthday. Even though Cracker Barrel is probably aware of the situation, because of the amount of people posting on the page about it, they have chosen to remain silent. But they have posted other things on social media concerning their food and other things, so everyone knows that they are there and they can answer. What I would’ve done is at least responded to the amount of people that were questioning the company. I would at least post something like “We are aware of the situation, but due to employee and employer privacy, we cannot release information about the situation.” It would at least let people know that they are aware and they are looking into it. I would also remind them that if anyone can legally disseminate the information as to what happened, it would have to be Brad’s wife. I do understand though, that this can bring a host of other problems if Brad’s wife tells a story that isn’t true and the company can’t release the real information legally. I’m not sure how to handle that one.