Brazil’s meat crisis and how to respond

The biggest meat packing industry in Brazil (JBS) was recently caught bribing a health inspector. The corruption was caught by police wiring tapping and filming the transfer of money to a health inspector. This was to ensure he made the reports clean and gave the plant a passing grade. This is because some smaller industries were taking illegally ground pig heads and putting them in their sausages before shipment. This opened up a huge investigation and mistrust into the food packing industry in Brazil. This industry is also one of the main money makers for the Brazilian government and people. The company JBS on their twitter page has only posted up a message that explains that quality is their highest priority.

Now, if I was heading up a team that needed to handle this situation there is nothing that can immediately fix the situation only have a small influence. Over time hopefully people will forget the incident and move on. The company needs to admit that yes it was caught with corruption and that they will open up an investigation to make sure this does not happen again. Next, then yes post up a statement assuring customers that this was an isolated incident and that customer satisfaction and trust is their highest priority. Only by trying to spin this situation into the company taking responsibility, and then being open to the public can they hope to regain a positive light among consumers. The road to recovery for this company will take months even years but it will recover. The only thing my team can do is to mitigate the damage and try to stay one step ahead of the news outlets. This way we are being proactive to the situation and new developments instead of reacting to them. This seems to be one the best ways to respond to this situation.

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