Ad Fallout Continues

In a company a big as YouTube (parent company google) it’s not uncommon to see stories of a crisis unfold on the site. This week however, YouTube is under fire when it became apparent that company’s ads were being posted on sites in which they did not wish to be affiliated. More specifically videos regarding hate speech or views which do not line up with the advertisers company’s.

Since the crisis went public it has also spread to parent company google, which is now under the same scrutiny. Since the crisis came into public view google and YouTube have made apologies about the issue and stated that they were looking over their ad policies in an attempt to mitigate the problems. Since both of these companies require advertisements to function this is a major hit to their business and they need to fix it as fast as possible.

Googles response was quick well thought but not transparent enough. To further fix the problem they should look into rewriting the coding that is connected to ad placement. Additionally they need to be upfront with the companies who have frozen ads on the sites and do their best to regain their trust, so that ads may resume. Lastly having a method for being aware of what videos have ads from different companies will allow this to be prevented in the future.

Below is a link with how YouTube responded.